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PARTEX has historically played an active role in the search for technological efficiency in the Joint Ventures in which the Group participates. This has earned us the respect of both partners and Governments, making us a partner of choice.

As part of its efforts to ensure adequate technical support to the operations in which the Group participates, as well as to our partner National Oil Companies, adding value through its competitive advantages, PARTEX keeps developing its technical strengths in two fronts:

  • In-house expertise in the core areas of our business, that we transmit to our Joint Ventures through studies and projects;
  • R&D in partnership with scientific entities of recognised quality, such as leading technological centres, research institutes and universities, aimed at selected technological areas of relevance for the future of our Joint Ventures.

Throughout the last 30 years, staff of the PARTEX Group has been seconded to participated companies in Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Kazakhstan and Brazil, in order to provide added value in areas where know-how and experience gaps have been identified. Until recently, the expatriated staff of the Group represented about one third of the total. The continuous development of our technical expertise is a key factor to meet the objective of Partex Oil and Gas to continue to strengthen its presence in the operations in which it is involved, with special emphasis in the core areas of the industry.

Innovation and Technology
Innovation and Technology
Innovation and Technology

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