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The Partex Oil and Gas directly supports initiatives orientated towards social development, focussing in the countries where the Group is involved, in terms of operations and participations.

In its participated operations, Partex is involved in relevant greenhouse gas reduction projects. As part of a global zero flaring policy that covers most of our operations, flare reduction projects have now a wide implementation. Gas injection projects, for example, play an important role in gas utilization for oil enhanced recovery. On the application of a more recent technology, Partex is involved in a couple of solar power production projects that have been developed to support oil production. This represents our share of the general effort of the industry to strengthen and optimize the economics of greenhouse gas reduction projects in the oil and gas sector.

The Partex Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct have been established to ensure that the Group’s culture fully incorporates the strict values of these codes.  Our HSE and Social Responsibility principles and philosophies are set out in our HSE & SR policy statement, which has been formulated to ensure the proper identification and management of Health, Safety and Environmental issues on the day to day operation and management of all our activities.

We make safety, health and environmental matters an integral part of our day to day activities and decision making.These are values that rule our company and are important cornerstones of all our business.