The Partex Oil and Gas Group is also in the gas business with LNG processing in Oman.
Oman LNG produces LNG from the two trains of its plant located near Sur and sells it mainly to Korea and Japan. The third train has just started-up and is owned by a separate company, Qalhat LNG, shared by the Government of Oman, OLNG, Union Fenosa, Mitsubishi, Osaka Gas and Itochu. Partex is therefore, indirectly, also a shareholder of QLNG.


Partex has been a partner (1%) with the Mukhaizna Production Sharing Agreement, in the Sultanate of Oman since July 2005.

Until the signature of the participation agreements with host Governments in the 70s, the Partex Oil and Gas Group held 5% of the concession companies. After the 60% nationalization by the Governments, the group participations were reduced proportionally to 2%, the present holdings.
In Oman, the Group and its original partners are shareholders of some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.
In the onshore crude oil concessions, the agreements ensure that concessionary companies shareholders have direct access to the oil production. Thus, the Partex Oil and Gas Group is entitled to its share of the PDO (Oman Blend) crude oil and sells its equity oil in the international market.

Contributing to the Oil and Gas Industry in OMAN